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About US


We just love ice cream!

Bird's Sweets & Treats is the definition of delicious! Recently opened in the past year, we are a small family owned Ice Cream Shop & Candy Store. We like to say we are bringing joy to Anderson Township one scoop at a time, and it’s something we hope to be doing for years to come. But we offer more than just high-quality, delicious products. We are a full-service Ice Cream Shop that has become an important part of the local community. Come down and meet us.


How we came to be

                   Fun Fact: We were once a Day Care / Learning Center! 



Like many businesses in the pandemic, the Bird's Nest daycare in Anderson Township made some changes in the past few months. But the Bird's Nest went from offering childcare to something a little sweeter.


The daycare center is now called Bird's Sweets and Treats, and it offers funky ice cream flavors and candy.


Some people threw us strange looks, though, when we opened an ice cream shop in the middle of winter. But it was all according to our master plan. Now, families don't have to wait for creamy whips in the area to open, they can have the yummy treats year round!

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